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Hope For The Future

The other day, my friends and I were working on our global wellness businesses together when we started chatting about some common passions we have. The conversation took an interesting turn as we ... READ the POST

Are You Staying in Your Own Lane?

There’s always the one that stands out...I didn’t realize the lesson God was teaching me after I snapped this pic in passing at Trader Joes (best flowers ever!). Recently, I’ve been ... READ the POST

Which Collagen Is Right For You?

Have you been noticing the dramatic uptick in products containing collagen? Perhaps its the nerd in me that's hugely aware of this superfood and its presence in what seems like most body care ... READ the POST

Collagen- Not Just For Women

Since the time Cleopatra ruled over her Egyptian dynasty 2000 years ago, women have been consuming or applying concoctions to stave off the aging process ... READ the POST