Ready to learn how to cook, eat and make healthy living and feeling good your "norm?" This is your place!

Looking to tackle a health issue? Needing a supportive community and a place to call home?

Looking to gain some confidence in both health and kitchen?


Join Nourish + Co. before our spots fill up and get the tools, education and hands-on support that has already helped dozens upon dozens of others transform their health... all without the dieting, restriction and extreme regimens.

Instead of just telling people what to eat and hoping they follow through, I instead show you how to plan for, cook and enjoy those healing, anti- inflammatory meals that your body was made for (and oh my GOODNESS do they taste delicious!).

Ditch the stress of trying to figure out what to make on a daily basis. Join our supportive, empowering community and get that boost of confidence you need!


You deserve this - why not now, and why not YOU?

What Do You Get?

* Customizable Weekly Menus, Grocery Lists, Meal Prep Tips


* Nutrition Tips, Education, Lifestyle Wellness


  • * How To Carb-Cycle, Protein-Pace, Eat For Hormones, Seasonal Eating and MORE


* Meal Prep Hacks


* Community Gatherings ( Coming Soon!)


* Daily Support + Encouragement


* Holistic Health Coaching and Insider Access to Special Programs, Events and Shopping Discounts


* Buy Annual Membership, Get One Month FREE!

Got Questions?

Is this a diet or a one-sized fits all program?

No diets! And this is not another program or challenge- this is a healthy way of living, a lifetstyle. We are all about balanced living here, folks. That includes enjoying that occasional treat or slice of pizza (if that's what you're wanting). 

And we can most definitely customize the menu according to your dietary needs and preferences.


What if I don't like a certain thing on the menu?

Than skip it or replace it with something better! You tell me and I modify.


Is this community through social media (i.e. a Facebook Community)?

Nope! We have our own platform that is not tied to scoial media in any way. Bonus? You will have the ability to message, post, like, comment and MUCH more!


How much does it cost?

$29.99 a month for a limited time OR, save and get a FREE month when you buy the Annual Membership ($330 as opposed to $440). 


What if I have a food sensitivity?

I can easily modify the menu to fit your needs- you just let me know what you need!


My doctor recommended an eating plan for me. Will this mess that up?

Nope. In fact, I welcome any and all health challenges here! While I am not a doctor and cannot prescribe a meal plan, I am happy to work with you and your doctor to create something that helps you reach your health goals/alleviate symptoms as much as possible.

I'm In! Sign Me UP!

What Others Have Said...

"I am grateful for having met Julie and her nutritional expertise.  From the eye-opening session she taught on Kick the Sugar Habit, all the way to my successful completion of her guided 21-day cleanse, I can say she has given me a fresh start to eating and self care.  I did the work, but Julie led me to find out what it means and how to detox one's system and make the nutritional changes to feeling better.  Her knowledge, resources and positive encouragement have given me a fresh start at age 71.  Thank you, Julie.  I feel wonderful. Losing 12 pounds was a bonus."

  • - Karen K

“Since my cleanse, my diet has definitely changed... and for the better! I have eliminated the troublesome foods in my diet & discovered what works with my body- I have been taking the suggested vitamins and enzymes daily which seems to help my digestive system and overall health in a huge way! I have also found a few natural fixes that I can utilize as needed. So thankful for Julie's help with everything!! I'm enjoying living as a happier, healthier me!”

-Tori R


"I wanted to drop you a line or two to thank you for helping our family through your gift of nutritionally balanced meals. I have felt physically better in a couple of ways in very few days. First, I have had a slight trembling of my left hand for nearly a decade and have not had this happen once since your meal preparations. Before you started, I have also felt "shakey" when I thought my blood sugar was in need of a meal and have not felt "shakey" since you have prepared your regular nutritious meals. I also have not had the cravings and empty stomach feelings either!! I really feel like you are doing a wonderful service to our family and helping us to live healthy without tasting healthy!!! You really make our meals taste good and they are presented with color and beauty!! Mahalo to you!"

  • - Michael M 


"Julie is nothing but amazing! I’ve never experienced someone more committed to your success then what she does! She is very passionate about health. During one of my cleanse resets. I had people telling me how healthy I looked. She is truly one of a kind!!! Highly recommend!!"

  • - Stefany


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